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TRUST UR SENSES STARTED AS SENSES APPAREL COMPANY, a small alterations and custom T-shirt business in Boulder, Colorado. As we expanded into our comfort streetwear lines, the impact the fashion industry has on the world around us weighed on our shoulders. Whether it be environmental deterioration, or employee conditions, there wasn't a plethora of "good" coming from the industry.  At the age of 17 I took on a sole proprietorship, and launched Senses Apparel Company. It has blossomed into more than I have ever dreamed of but we're not there yet. We NEED your support in order to do even MORE philanthropy that we have in store. Its common sense to shop our store. 


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Female Founder Collective


Laura's House

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The Breast Cancer Fundraiser


A team of four, along with our manufacturers comprise Trust Ur Senses. When we require more staff, Trust Ur Senses promises to hold ourselves to a high standard of equitability, health, and kindness.

GET EXCITED for our Ambassador Program!

More details to come with next launch...


Trust Ur Senses wants to do better than done before. We promise to decrease our carbon impact by using recycled organic cotton for our clothing. Our customs are made from second hand clothing items.  If you feel as though we are not keeping up with our promise please contact Skye Monroe at


To be transparent, at Trust Ur Senses, we want to do better for society. We want people to be excited to do good for their community whilst getting something that will never go out of style, their comfort. On the larger scale, we're doing three things to improve the industry: better working conditions, sustainable fabrics (coming soon...), and an outlet for like minded creatives.  We're selling comfort with a purpose.  Thank you for believing in our fashion design philanthropy dream.



The Trust Ur Senses Team

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